Commercial Irrigation & Drainage Services

When you invest in an attractive landscape to enhance the look of your commercial property, it’s essential that you take steps to protect that investment. There are few things as important to the overall health of your commercial landscape as proper irrigation and drainage. Infinity Landscapes has more than 16 years of experience in commercial irrigation and drainage services. We can install a customized irrigation system that will not only keep your property looking it’s best, but save you money on your water bill. We can also ensure that the drainage on your property is properly set up to keep water away from the foundation of your building as well as walkways and other essential areas.

Trust in the experience of Infinity Landscapes to protect and enhance your commercial landscape with irrigation and drainage services. Customers throughout the greater Baltimore region, including Pikesville, Bel Air, Havre de Grace, Pasadena, White Marsh, Columbia, and Annapolis have counted on our knowledgeable service to keep their properties looking their best year round.

Commercial Irrigation Services

While proper irrigation is essential to keeping your property healthy and green, we also understand that, as a business, you’re concerned with the bottom line. That’s why the commercial irrigation systems we install are specially designed to use water as efficiently as possible and maximize the value you get out of watering your property.

We customize each system into the zones based on the ideal water usage for your landscape. A number of factors go into determining how best to service your landscape, including things like soil composition, turf to plant and tree ratio, and the amount of sun and shade on the property. All of these considerations determine how quickly water is absorbed into the landscape, and how much water is required in each zone on your property.

At Infinity Landscapes, we take the time to get to know you as a customer, and understand the specific requirements your property has. We’re in it for a long-term relationship, and can continue to provide irrigation maintenance services for your system if required. 

Commercial Drainage Services

Drainage on your commercial property must be properly established in order to protect not just your landscape but the property itself. Water flowing back towards the foundation of the property can cause structural damage. When water flows onto walkways and entrances, it can be a safety concern, as well as unsightly. Infinity Landscapes can ensure your drainage is set up correctly for your commercial landscape.

We’re here to discuss your commercial irrigation and drainage needs with a free consultation. We serve throughout Baltimore County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County and Howard County.  Contact us today at 443-554-8216 or visit our contact page here.