It’s Time to Start Thinking About Snow & Ice Removal

Establishing a winter plan ensures that your business isn’t left out in the cold.

The fall season hasn’t officially started, and already the chill of autumn hangs in the air. You might not have to unpack your parka yet, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about snow and ice removal. Whether you need to protect your property or your business, establishing a winter plan ensures that your business isn’t left out in the cold.

Safety First

Establishing a snow removal plan is especially important for commercial buildings such as hospitals where safety is of top concern. Patients, staff, and visitors need to be able to park, enter, and exit the building safely. If you don’t have a snow and ice removal strategy in place, you could be putting hundreds of lives at risk.

Maryland Laws

Maryland law requires that commercial and residential properties are clear of snow within 24 hours of the last snowfall. This law can fluctuate depending on the county, but it’s best to avoid the possibility of a fine altogether. Establishing a snow removal plan early ensures that your property will be cleared promptly.   

Assess Past Years

Planning ahead gives you the time to assess past years. How many hours/days did it take to clear the snow completely? Was business affected as a result? Avoid making past mistakes by making the necessary plans today.

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