Is it Time to Replace My Driveway?

Are you ready to update your driveway? Cal Infinity Landscapes, LLC!

Are you ready to update your driveway? Call Infinity Landscapes, LLC!

Your driveway is often the first thing that guests and neighbors will notice about your home. Which is why once your driveway starts showing signs of deteriorating, you must seriously consider replacing it. This will require a major hardscaping project that you will need to hire a professional for, but it is in your home’s best interest. If you are unsure if your driveway is truly in need of replacing and want to avoid a hefty hardscaping project, then be prepared to look for these signs that will indicate whether or not it is time for a new driveway.

To Replace or To Repair 

The cost of replacing your driveway is an expensive one. It is not an easy hardscaping task to take care of. Before deciding to replace your driveway altogether, explore alternative solutions to whatever current issues you have with your driveway, such as resurfacing. Choosing to resurface instead of replacing means you are essentially only replacing the top part of your driveway instead of the whole thing. It also costs significantly less than replacing your driveway altogether.

Increase ROI 

If your driveway currently has cracks in it and is in overall poor condition, you might just try and deal with while living in your current home. If you decide it is time to sell your home, you will need to do a bit of hardscaping and take care of that driveway of yours. Potential buyers will not want to see a driveway in poor condition or one with a few quick fix patches in it. Although it is a sizeable hardscaping task, it is best to replace your driveway before putting your house on the market and risking turning away potential buyers.


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