Spring Clean Up Tips for a Beautiful Landscape

Prepare your Maryland landscape for the changing season.

Spring is finally here which means that now is the perfect time to start preparing your landscape for the changing season. The winter wasn’t kind to your landscape and left it covered in fallen leaves and broken branches. Here are a few ways to kickstart the spring clean up process!

Clear Your Flowerbeds

One of the first tasks of the spring clean-up process is to re-edge the borders of the flower beds. This looks great and helps define the division between landscape and lawn. Spend a little time cleaning out the leftover leaves from the fall. Ensure that any other wanted yard debris is also cleaned out of the beds.

Assess Your Plants

Once you’ve cleared your flower beds of unwanted debris, you can inspect your plants for any winter damage. Check for dead spots on evergreen trees and shrubs and look carefully for other types of damage.

Take a little time to cut back all perennials left to winter over spring and be sure not to wait too long because fresh spring growth can quickly become tangled.

Fertilize & Mulch

Once you’ve finished with all plant maintenance, it’s time to apply a fertilizer to all landscape plants. Spring the fertilizer around the base of the plants, not directly on them, in order to avoid ruining the foliage.

Lastly, you’ll need to apply a fresh layer of mulch. Mulch improves your landscape’s structure. It reduces the amount of weeds that will grow and it protects your plants. Ensure that you’re not smothering your plants with mulch.


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