Improve Your White Marsh Home with Landscape Lighting

Illuminated Garden with Residential Outdoor Lighting

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When we think about landscaping, we often only think about the flowers, shrubs, trees. One could even consider the hardscape, like walkways, borders, and retaining walls. But there is another element of landscaping that can improve your home in White Marsh: landscape lighting.

Curb Appeal

One obvious benefit of lighting is that it makes your beautiful home and garden visible after the sun sets, which improves your curb appeal. However, you can also use properly positioned lights to add visual drama by highlighting elements, such as that cool water feature that you are particularly proud of. Additionally, many lights are solar powered, meaning that you won’t have to worry about ugly wires running from your home out to your lights.

Increase the Functionality of Your Home 

Illuminating your yard, deck, or patio means that you can continue using it long after the sun goes down. Floodlights attached to your house can light up a large space, but they’re not your only option. There are small lights that can attach to your umbrella over a patio table and provide mood lighting for late night conversation. Or you could add lights that sit atop deck posts that can illuminate your outdoor kitchen. This way you can use it all year long, even in the winter when the sun set early. Finally, don’t discount those old floodlights either, especially if you have a large area like a pool where you like to enjoy warm, summer White Marsh nights.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Well-lit home exteriors help to make them less of a target for crime. Illuminating the darkest spots in the yard makes it so that a potential burglar has fewer hiding places. Lighting any access points to the home, like doors and windows, makes it harder for them to stay hidden when they are trying to break in. However, good landscape lighting is about more than just preventing crime. Lighting your landscape also protects your family and guests. Adding lighting around steps, drop-offs, pools, and other hazards can help prevent accidents. Illuminating driveways and walkways make it easier for your guests to navigate your yard safely. Finally, a light that shines on your house number makes it easier for guests to find your house at night.


If you’re looking for help planning your landscape lighting, or need to improve your landscaping because you’ve added one, Infinity Landscapes is here to help. Because we are family owned and operated, we know how important it is to provide for and take care of your own family. If you are ready to update your deck, or are not quite sure what you want just yet, you can give us a call at 443-554-8216. For inspiration and to see examples of our quality work, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, and more.

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