A Guide to Smart Landscape Design

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Discover the many benefits of smart landscape design.

Some people meticulously design every inch of their landscapes, while others buy whatever strikes their fancy with only a vague notion of where it will go. While neither method is wrong, most people will be happiest striking a balance in between. Read on for some smart tips to better handle your landscape design projects.

Focal Points

Remember that your overall plan should include something that is the focal point of the garden. This is often a tree or statue, but it could also be your outdoor living space or a pond. Really, anything that is different in tone, texture, or color from the rest of the garden can do it. The focal point should stand apart, and if the rest of your landscaping is a chaotic mess, nothing will so plan your landscaping to maintain the focus.


Curves offer nice visual interest, but it’s easy to overdo them. Try to maintain long sweeps, rather than coils or loops. Also, limit the number of geometries – if you have subtly curved beds, use the same subtle curve elsewhere so everything aligns.


Symmetry – the mark of a formal garden – is naturally pleasing but it can be hard and time-consuming to maintain. It can also be expensive, especially if one part of your symmetrical design dies, and you have to replace everything so they’re all still the same size. Leave the excessive formality to gardens that have full-time maintenance crews and enjoy the surprise of watching nature unfold on its own.


Movement in your garden adds interest and life, without it you may as well just have a painting of a garden. There are lots of ways to add movement. Many people opt for a moving water feature, but you could also incorporate tall grasses that sway in the breeze. Another trick is to add flowers that attract butterflies or berry bushes to attract birds and they will provide an interesting movement.

Right Plant, Right Spot

The biggest thing to remember is the old adage: right plant, right spot. This means that you need to consider everything that the plant offers and needs and everything that the spot offers and needs and make sure they work together. If the spot needs a big tree, a slow growing flower won’t fit. And if the plant needs full sun, a partial shade corner won’t do.


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