Everything You Need to Know About Seat Walls

Seat Walls

Seat walls are a great way to provide extra seating, a natural ambiance and extra security.

When it comes to renovating your backyard you may have a perfect vision of what your oasis will look like. Today we are going to talk about seat walls, their benefits, and what they typically look like. Keep reading for more information about this important aspect to your yard.

What is A Seat Wall?

While that might sound like an odd question with an obvious answer, seat walls have more going on that you may think. Yes, a seat wall is a wall that you can sit on. They typically are somewhere around 18” and like any wall they are built well. These walls are used for extra seating, a natural ambiance and extra security.

Seat walls may also be used as a retaining wall to protect your yard from the elements. An additional outdoor room can be created by adding a seat wall, allowing a casual and low cut off. You can also use seat walls that integrate with another feature in your yard. Whether you want it to surround a tree or gazebo or fire pit, a seat wall can be a good choice.

The Materials Used

Almost any kind of material can be used for a landscape wall, but seat walls require a little bit more. There are three kinds of material that are typically used:

Masonry Block with Veneer- There are many different kinds of veneers that are made of real and artificial stone that can be applied over a conventional block wall. This must be built on concrete footing.

Natural Stone- Natural stone can be installed with cement or dry stacked. This can be the best choice depending on the energy of your yard. For a more natural oasis. choose this option. This will have compacted gravel footing.

Precast Modular Block-  These walls are manufactured and designed to interlock.

Other Considerations for Seat Walls

Consider the look of your area and plan entrance points with your contractor for your Maryland Landscape. Consider the lighting and decorative plants and how they will play a part in your design. Construction matters in making sure your seat wall blends seamlessly into your property.

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