The Early-Autumn Lawn Maintenance Checklist

Raking the leaves is probably the single most neglected lawn maintenance task of the fall.

Raking the leaves is probably the single most neglected lawn maintenance task of the fall.

Fall is here for your Maryland home, which means it’s time to tackle your early autumn lawn maintenance checklist. Now is the perfect time to get started on your home improvement tasks so that you can fully enjoy the Halloween and Thanksgiving season without wasting your weekends raking leaves and fertilizing. Here is your simple early autumn lawn maintenance checklist (although we won’t tell if you don’t get started until next weekend!).

Mow the Lawn

It’s not quite time to stop mowing the lawn just yet. You should continue to mow your lawn and water it as long as the days get warm. Once the autumn season in Maryland starts to wind down, use your lawn mower on the lowest setting for the final two lawn trims of the year. This lawn maintenance practice allows sunlight to reach the grass so that it will not brown as much during the cool winter months. Keep in mind that you should never trim over a third of the grass’s blade at any time, so if it takes more than two trimmings to get there, take your time.

Aerate Your Soil

September and October are the best months to aerate your lawn, as the temperatures are not yet below freezing at night and there is plenty of autumn warmth during the day. Aeration removes tiny plugs of the soil so that nutrients, water, and sunlight can reach the grassroots. Infinity Landscaping can aerate and overseed your lawn this fall so that things will grow back even lusher in the spring.

Rake Your Leaves

Raking the leaves is probably the single most neglected lawn maintenance task of the fall. It always takes longer than you think it’s going to, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it! Never wait until all of the leaves have fallen onto the ground, or the leaves will remain wet and become even harder to rake. Leaves left too long on the ground can also cause discoloration on your lawn and start to rot. If you don’t want to rake the leaves up, you can put a collection bag on your lawnmower or hire the professionals at Infinity Landscaping.

Lawn Maintenance and Autumn Landscaping from Infinity Landscaping

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