Designing an Elegant Outdoor Kitchen for Your Maryland Home

Are you ready to add an outdoor kitchen to your Maryland home?

Are you ready to add an outdoor kitchen to your Maryland home?

An outdoor kitchen isn’t just a space where you can cook and entertain during the summertime. It’s an extension of your entire home, and it has the potential to be used year round. With fire pits and space heaters, Maryland residents can enjoy their outdoor kitchen well into the spring and early winter. Are you in the process of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home? Consider the following design tips from the professionals at Infinity Landscapes, LLC!

Assess Your Property

Your new outdoor kitchen should blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Before you begin the design process, take some time to evaluate your property. Consider the current landscaping and hardscaping, and design a kitchen that can complement those elements. Similarly, you should also incorporate the aesthetic of your home’s exterior into the design of your outdoor kitchen.

Select Appliances

Outdoor kitchens are incredibly versatile and can incorporate multi types of appliances. It’s important to decide which kind of appliances you want before you begin your design. Do you plan to stick to the outdoor kitchen basics? Or do you prefer a more elaborate approach to your new addition? Grills and smokers are common, but many homeowners like to incorporate ice makes, refrigerators, and kegerators too!

Consider the Elements

Outdoor kitchens need to be durable to withstand heavy rains, high winds, and other forms of weather common in Maryland. Choose your materials with care, and work with professionals to ensure that your new addition will be built to last. You may need to take other geographical considerations, such as waterfront property, into your design plan.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

The seasons change quickly in Maryland, and it helps to be prepared for all types of weather! Consider adding an outdoor fire pit or fireplace into your new kitchen design. The addition will add natural light and warmth to the area, perfect for chilly fall nights!


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