How Can I Prepare My Landscape for Storm Season?

Discover how to protect your landscape during storm season.

As the temperature continues to change and the weather seeks to regulate itself, Maryland may be hit by a series of storms varying in severity. Discover how you can prepare your landscape for storm season this fall with the following tips.

Harvest Vegetables

When it storm approaches, your garden vegetables aren’t going to make it through the sleet and rain. Take the time to harvest your cucumbers, tomatoes, and any other vegetables that may still be growing this late in the summer.

Assess the Trees

The trees surrounding your landscape are vulnerable to heavy rain and high winds. Take the time to assess each one, and cut down any dead or loose branches you may find. Loose branches can easily snap off during a storm, causing further damage throughout your landscape and even your home.

Potted Plants and Other Objects

A potted plant might not seem like a dangerous object at first, but it can quickly become a tool for disaster when winds are gusting over 100 mph. Bring in potted plants and any other tools or objects you have lying around outside. Store them in the garage or on the deck.

Protect Your Fish Friends

If you maintain a koi pond, it’s important to prepare the pond for a big storm. Turn off any fountains, unplug any unsecured electrical cords, and safely secure any items surrounding the pond.

Stay Informed

During any storm, it’s important to stay informed about the changing weather. Watch the news for any changes in severity, and establish an emergency plan in the case that the weather becomes unsafe.

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