The Benefits of Sod Installation

Discover how sod can improve your Maryland landscape.

Summer might leave your lawn looking a little bit worse for wear, whether you had major remodeling work done that ripped up patches of lawn or the sun scorched the earth. If you need to revitalize some of your yard, sod installation is the best possible choice. Why is sod installation a better bet than traditional seeding?

A Lawn in Minutes

A seeded lawn takes a long time to grow, so your lawn will be desolate and patchy for weeks or months. Sod installation turns a bare patch of your yard into a lush, green lawn the second that the installation is done. Instead of watching the grass grow, you’ll get to watch the grass! Sod installation takes your yard from barren to beautiful in minutes, so it’s especially great if you are preparing to sell your home in the near future.

Less Irrigation with Better Results

Grass seed requires a great deal of maintenance to grow and thrive. While sod will need regular irrigation to keep it damp until it takes root in your yard, it doesn’t need nearly as much attention. A newly seeded lawn can need over four watering sessions per day, while sod only needs two. The lower amount of irrigation will save you money on your water bill and time.

Ready to Use

Since sod installation uses grass that has already grown, you will be able to actually use your lawn much more quickly. Younger grass blades are very susceptible to damage or death when you walk across your lawn or when your children play in it. Sod installation allows you to resume the activities you use your yard for much more quickly.

Protect Your Soil

Last, but not least, sod installation helps to protect the soil in your yard. Without grass on top of the yard, seeds and soil are very likely to blow away. Sod helps to keep soil in the right spot and protect your yard.

Sod Installation from Infinity Landscaping

At Infinity Landscapes, LLC, we’re ready to improve the look of your home or business with quality landscaping services. As a family owned and operated business, we understand just how important your home or business is to you. If you’re ready to begin your landscaping project, our professionals will ensure that the job is done well to reach your standards.

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