The Benefits of Retaining Walls

Consider adding retaining walls to your Maryland landscape this spring.

Consider adding retaining walls to your Maryland landscape this spring.

Retaining walls are invaluable tools for homeowners that need to keep their yards draining properly. Retaining walls can be installed in numerous places throughout most landscapes, depending on their drainage needs, and customized to blend into the landscape or stand out for a unique accent. Why should you add a retaining wall to your yard?

Terraces for Unique Plantings

Retaining walls create terracing the is perfect for planting flowers or other plants. The terracing can also be used to show a sign leading to your property or showcase other landscape features. Did you realize that retaining walls are the base for many signs leading to developments, resorts, and golf clubs? They are! Retaining walls are an easy way to create space for signage, more flowers, or just about anything you can imagine.

Add More Usable Space

Depending on the additional space restrictions of your landscape, you might not have much usable space to add plantings and stone accents. Retaining walls allow for more usable space, particularly if you place your retaining walls strategically so that the rest of your yard benefits from better drainage and is more hospitable to new plantings.

Stop Erosion

Erosion is a major concern for every landscape. Erosion occurs whenever nutrient-rich topsoil is washed away, along with chemicals and other yard debris, down the nearest storm drain. Erosion is not a dangerous problem in small yards, but it can create a real safety hazard on steep slopes, where rapidly rushing water can hurt the land. Retaining walls and a better drainage system will stop erosion and slow down the movement of soil in your yard.

Simple to Maintain

Finally, retaining walls are very easy to maintain. They are virtually no maintenance and do not need repairs unless stones or masonry become damaged. Even retaining walls created from natural materials, like rocks and natural stone, can survive storms and snow. If you invest in a retaining wall, you can feel great about the investment you are making.


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