Your Baltimore County Property Could Benefit From an Irrigation and Drainage System

Ready your Baltimore County property for spring!

Ready your Baltimore County property for spring!

Are you in the habit of watering your lawn by hand? It can be an arduous task, especially for homeowners with large yards. But installing an irrigation and drainage system will likely be the answer to that problem. In addition to saving your back and legs, the systems will allow you to give your plants and lawn the time and attention it requires to flourish. If you’re still not convinced, read on for more benefits of installing irrigation and drainage systems.    

Disease and Weed Prevention

Installing an irrigation system is a functional way to ensure that you’re watering just those plants to which you want to give life, instead of surrounding weeds. Specialized drip systems direct water to the root balls of each plant. Over time, you’ll notice less weeding as the seeds won’t be getting the water they’re used to from rain and hand watering. Directing water to the roots also helps reduce the occurrence of leaf and blight diseases.

Save Water and Time

It’s often the case that large lawns and gardens require watering more than once a week, especially during the driest times of the year. This means that, if you’re watering by hand, you’re spending a lot of time out of your day seeing to it that this chore is completed. It’s a time-consuming task that also leads to a higher water bill because you’re probably using more water than actually necessary. A drip or sprinkler irrigation system can be programmed to timers that ensure that your plants and lawn are getting the necessary amount of water on a regular schedule of your choosing.

Nutrients and Structure for the Soil

Hand watering often results in overwatering. You can easily give your lawn and plants more water than they need, resulting in important nutrients seeping out in the runoff versus staying in the soil. Therefore, although you’re paying close attention to your plants and lawn, they could still end up being malnourished. Overwatering will also result in compacted soil, which causes root diseases and negatively affects growth. An irrigation and drainage system makes the way you approach watering your lawn and garden and much more efficient task.

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