7 Summer Mowing Tips

Learn how to keep your lawn looking it’s best all summer long!

Learn how to keep your lawn looking it’s best all summer long!

Keeping your lawn looking its best is all part of the summer fun. Whether you’ll be running through a sprinkler, relaxing on your deck, or simply admiring from afar, a well-groomed lawn is a thing of beauty. Learn how to keep your lawn looking it’s best all summer long!

Make A Plan

One of the most significant debates in lawn mowing technique is as to whether you should trim the edges first or last. On the one hand, if you trim them first the clippings will be picked up by the mower and re-mulched, on the other, trimming last can save you time. Whichever you decide make sure to stick to one or the other to reduce your time spent switching out tools.

Stay Inside The Lines

One of the first steps in mowing is to create your perimeter, make sure you give yourself more than enough space along the sides to prevent an accidental flower bed mishap. The last thing you want to do is accidentally sheer off the top of a tomato plant.

Keep It Long

When you’re setting you’re mower blades you want to make sure that they are not too low. Not only does a too-short cut lead to more weed problems, but it can cause grass to dry out easier and leave you with brown spots and dead patches.

Don’t Go Too Fast

While you might be tempted to rush through the yard work mowing the lawn is one area where you don’t want to speed ahead. Going too fast will mean that your clippings aren’t spread evenly, and you will have more missed clumps of uncut grass.

Eyes Ahead

As you’re mowing, make sure to keep your focus about ten feet ahead of you rather than on the ground directly in front. This will help you to mow in straighter lines.

Skip The Cleanup

While you might be tempted to use a mower bag or to rake up any grass clippings, there are a variety of benefits to leaving them in place. Your lawn is most at risk right after being cut, with the tips sheared moisture from inside the plant can escape into the hot summer air. By leaving your clippings in place your freshly mown lawn will have a layer of protection, think of it as grass sunscreen, to help it retain moisture as the clipped edge seals itself. Second, those clippings are full of essential nutrients that will help fertilize the soil and remaining grass.

Change Up Your Pattern

As grass is trimmed it tends to grow in the direction, it’s pointed as it is cut. To keep your lawn growing straight up rather than at an angle make sure to change up the direction in which you’re mowing.


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