6 Ways to Update Your Howard County Deck with Railings 

Are you ready to add railings to your Howard County deck?

Are you ready to add railings to your Howard County deck?

If you have a deck, you know there is no better place to relax and enjoy those warm Howard County evenings. It is the ideal place to relax, but even the comfiest of decks can use some updates to improve home value and curb appeal.

Update the Look With Decorative Accents 

There are various ways to add decorative accents to your deck. One way is to swap out your traditional lattice for a stylized version, such as repeating arrow patterns or Asian-inspired floating rectangles.  You could also accent your wooden railings with decorative embellishments like end caps.

Varying Railing Heights for Privacy and Flow 

How your deck and yard are set up can play a role in choosing railing heights. If one side of your deck is close to your neighbor, consider a full-height trellis wall for privacy. Alternatively, if your deck is ground-level, you may be able to forego railings altogether or choose low profile options that won’t impede the visual flow. Check the Howard County building codes to help you make this decision.

Choose Something Other Than Wood 

Wood is not your only option when it comes to materials. Metal railings and embellishments can add visual interest, with the added benefit that metal is easy to maintain, requiring less upkeep than wood. Metal also can provide the same strength with thinner pieces, increasing the opportunity for decorative design.

 Add Design to Your Railings 

Traditional railings usually consist of a series of evenly spaced rails of consistent size, but don’t be limited to that. As long as the railing still meets code, you can vary the thickness of the rails and the size of the space between them, or even create patterns like a sunburst or a series of repeating shapes. You could also vary the material of the rails, alternating between wood and metal.

Create a Solid Railing to Enclose Your Deck 

Consider using opaque materials in your railing to create a strong visual separation. One option would be to use a frosted, break-resistant glass or metal panel to fill in the railing. This option provides unique visual interest but could limit light and airflow.

 Use Your Deck to Highlight Your Home’s Architecture 

Another option to update your deck is to use it as a visual extension of your home’s design. If you have siding, you could use a horizontal rail that mimics the look of the siding. Alternatively, for an ornate stone home, consider incorporating curves into the shape of the deck and pillars into the railings.

Call Infinity Landscapes Today 

If you’re looking for help planning your deck updates, or need to improve your landscaping because you’ve added one, Infinity Landscapes is here to help. Because we are family owned and operated, we know how important it is to provide for and take care of your own family. If you are ready to update your deck, or are not quite sure what you want just yet, you can give us a call at 443-554-8216. For inspiration and to see examples of our quality work, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, and more.

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