5 Ways to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

Discover how to prepare your deck for spring weather!

Discover how to prepare your deck for spring weather!

Spring is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to tackle your landscaping and hardscaping to-do lists. If you have a deck in your yard, it’s also time to think about opening up the space for the season. Here are five simple ways to prepare your deck for the gorgeous spring weather ahead.

Prepare Your Deck for Spring!

  1. Start by cleaning off the entire surface of your deck. If you’re like most homeowners, there is a great deal of yard debris, leaves, and plants left on the surface. You should move all of the furniture and plants off the surface and then use a leaf blower to brush everything else off. Once the dirt is removed from your deck, you should use a power washer and the appropriate cleaning solution for the material your deck is made of.
  2. Wash the furniture that was on top of your deck all winter long. This is a good time to remove furniture from storage as well and dust off any cobwebs. Use furniture cleaner to scrub everything down and get it ready for the spring. A soft sponge and mild cleaner will almost always do the trick, depending on how dirty the furniture is. Once you’re done cleaning your furniture, you should leave it out so that it has time to completely dry.
  3. Check the condition of your deck. If your deck has paver stones, take a walk around to see if any of them need to be replaced. If your deck is wooden, check for any signs of wood rot or insect infestation. Now is the time to catch any potential problems before they become even more concerning.
  4. Break out the fun accents that make a deck into a real outdoor entertaining area! Use umbrellas, furniture, accent pillows designed from outdoor fabric, and fresh flowers to make the space pop. If you don’t already have accents on your deck, choose a fun and bright color scheme that works with the rest of your landscape.
  5. Refresh the landscaping around your deck! A fresh layer of mulch and new plantings, including greenery and flowers, will do wonders for making your deck ready for the spring season.

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