5 Patio Design Tips to Jumpstart Spring

Transform your patio into an inviting oasis!

Transform your patio into an inviting oasis!

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to enhance the look and function of your patio. Use various hardscaping and design techniques to bring out all that your patio has to offer. Get started with a few of these design tips.

Use Patterns

It’s likely that your landscape and patio itself features many textures and colors from your furniture and plants. Think about adding simple patterns to bring out more pop and vibrant energy. Too much can be overwhelming, but the right touch with pillow cushions, umbrellas, or accents will add more chic style. Start with simple patterns like argyle, herringbone, or tartan to add some cool elegance.

Allow Airflow

Patios can get quite hot in the daytime sun of spring and summertime. Allow the natural breeze to flow through your patio by making sure that none of your furniture or other decorative elements are blocking the airflow. Arrange your patio furniture and other accessories in a way that allows the breeze to move through the space. If you have an overhead structure, you may also consider installing a fan for added airflow.  

Enhance Privacy

Entertain your family and friends on your patio with increased privacy. Use natural elements like trees or shrubs to do the trick or install attractive fencing around your patio. You could even consider having a screen installed on your patio.

Add Lighting

As the weather is more favorable for outdoor entertaining in the spring, you’ll be spending much more time outside enjoying your patio. In the evening when you start losing natural light, you can turn to exterior lighting, not only for better vision but evening ambiance.

Merge the Patio and Landscape

Your patio and landscape design can and should complement each other. Install a paved or brick walkway that leads from your patio to your garden, or even to your pool. It will turn those natural elements of your landscape and your patio into a cohesive outdoor living space with the perfect amount of function and sophistication.  


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