5 Outdoor Kitchen Remodel Considerations

Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen? Infinity Landscapes, LLC can help!

Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen? Infinity Landscapes, LLC can help!

If you’re tired of your kitchen but not ready for a full remodel, adding an outdoor kitchen this summer might be just what the design doctor ordered. Outdoor cooking spaces are trending throughout the country, and with summer on the way, it’s no wonder. Not only are outdoor cooking areas great for entertaining, but they also allow you to move much of your cooking process outdoors. In the summer this can dramatically help in keeping your home cool. When planning your outdoor kitchen remodel, here are five things you’ll want to consider.

Design With Use In Mind

Will you want more than one type of cooking surface? Do you need outdoor refrigeration? What about prep areas and sinks? All of these things should be taken into consideration as you begin your outdoor kitchen plan. Likewise, consider the ways your indoor and outdoor kitchens will work together, if you will be using both together you may want to adjust your layout to allow for better foot traffic between the two.  

Choose Materials Right For The Environment

Your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements, with that in mind it’s important to choose materials that can stand up to heat and cold, as well as to dirt, wind, and rain. Likewise, you want material that’s easy to clean, like high-quality stainless steel. It may be more than worth your while to consider a deck enclosure or awning to help keep your outdoor kitchen more protected.

Keep Your Surroundings In Mind

As you plan out the design for your new outdoor kitchen make sure to keep in mind how it works with your existing landscaping and architecture. You’ll want to use materials that are compatible and add subtle structural details that reflect those of the existing structures.

Don’t Forget The Utilities

When you’re developing your layout make sure to spend extra time looking into the best placements for utility supplies. Because you’ll likely need gas, water, and electricity you’ll want to be sure that the supplies are placed correctly and in practical locations.

Summer Isn’t The Only Grilling Season

With all the work you’ve put into your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to use it as long as possible. Adding an enclosed area or awning can help you get the most use, as will gas patio heaters. Additionally, make sure to add ample lighting so that your chef and guests can see what’s going on.


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