4 Ways to Maintain Your Garden in the Summer Heat

Discover how you can keep your garden beautiful and healthy all summer long!

You might be able to escape the heat by jumping into your pool, but your garden has to endure the high temperatures all summer long. As the temperatures climb into the 90s, it’s important to give your garden and lawn special attention. Learn how you can keep your plants healthy and beautiful throughout the extreme Maryland temperatures.

Water Twice a Day

Watering is critical during the hot summer months. The high temperatures pull moisture away from your plants and vegetables, so it’s important to properly soak your garden each day. The water must reach the roots of the plants, so a light sprinkle isn’t going to be enough. Water your plants early each morning and again late in the afternoon.

Mulch Mulch Mulch

The best way to ensure that your plants and trees retain moisture is to mulch the area effectively. Lay a thick layer of mulch in the spring and then continue to top it off during the summer.

Keep an Eye on Potted Plants

Your potted plants need special attention during the summer, too. If your pots are made from materials that dry out quickly, adding mulch or lining the pots can alleviate some of the strain. Add saucers to ensure that there is always water available for your plants and make sure that you aren’t leaving them in direct sunlight at all times.

Skip Mowing Day

Your grass is struggling to stay healthy during the hot summer months. Rather than sticking to your normal mowing schedule, allow your grass to grow a bit longer. Longer grass is ultimately healthier grass when the temperatures climb above 90F.

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