4 Tips for Summer Koi Pond Care

Learn how to care for your koi pond this summer!

Learn how to care for your koi pond this summer!

Summer is inching closer every day, and by now your koi pond is thriving in the spring temperatures. Your fish might be content now, but the summer heat has the potential to harm their fragile ecosystem. Discover four ways to care for your koi pond this summer!

Switch to a Summer Feeding Schedule

As the temperature changes, your fish’s needs change with it. During the winter, your fish require less food because their heart rate decreases to survive in the freezing temperatures. During the warmer months, your fish are swimming and healthy, and they require more food to sustain their everyday needs. Start feeding your fish in higher quantities to accommodate for summer weather, but do not overfeed.

Remove Dead Leaves and Foliage

The plants that surround your koi pond are constantly changing throughout the year. To protect your fish and the appearance of your pond, clean the dead foliage every few weeks. Not only will regularly maintenance reduce debris buildup in the pond, but it will also make way for new growth.

Purchase an Air Pump

Warm water holds less oxygen than cold, but fish use more oxygen when the water is warm. To supplement the amount of oxygen in your koi pond, purchase an air pump or additional pump to aerate the water all day and night.

Enjoy Your Pond

Summer is the best time of year to enjoy your koi pond. Once your outdoor living spaces are prepped for warm weather, you can take advantage of your landscape all summer long. You don’t have to escape to the beach to get away– simply go outside to your own backyard!


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