4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Driveway This Spring

Is your home ready for a driveway upgrade?

Is your home ready for a driveway upgrade?

Whether your driveway is crafted from concrete, asphalt, gravel, or pavers, it’s important that it is well maintained throughout the years. Consider four reasons to upgrade your driveways this spring, and call Infinity Landscapes to ensure that job is done correctly.

Winters Are Rough

The winter season is tough on driveways because of the repeated freeze-thaw-freeze cycle. When snow and ice melts, the water seeps into the driveway, and when the temperature dips again, it refreezes there. Since water expands as it freezes, the ice puts pressure on the driveway surface and causes cracks. This has been an especially big problem this year with our crazy winter that swung back and forth between the arctic blast and early spring. Another winter issue that damages driveways is the use of ice melters like rock salt. They can damage the surface layer and lead to long term problems. Periodically sealing your driveway can help prolong its life against these winter issues, but it won’t make the driveway last forever.

Patching Is Not Permanent

When problems appear, your first instinct is probably to patch them. This process, usually a DIY solution, is a short term fix. The patches are not the same material as the driveway surface so that they won’t bond to every part of the crack, and they often wear out quickly. If you’ve already done quite a bit of patching, it’s time for a permanent solution.

Damage Is Unappealing

To put it bluntly, that damaged, cracked, patched, and possibly crumbling driveway is decreasing your home value. Curb appeal is all about that first impression, and your driveway is often a big part of it. Even if the patches you’ve done are holding up, they still detract from the look. If you’re planning to put your home on the market anytime soon, a new driveway should be on your to-do list.

Driveways Wear Out

Driveway material does have a lifespan. For asphalt, it is usually around 20 years, and for concrete, it is usually around 50 years. Over that time the driveway is exposed to sun and weather and use that breaks it down. If you’re in the tail end of your driveway’s lifespan, you are looking at more repairs and issues as the years go on. If you’re not sure how old your driveway is, frequent issues and problems are a sign of age. Either way, it is likely a better financial decision to replace the driveway now, rather than continue to make extensive repairs year after year.


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