4 Landscape Maintenance Tips for Summer

Discover how to maintain your landscape all summer long.

Discover how to maintain your landscape all summer long.

It’s so easy to neglect your landscape during the summer months. Between summer camps and family vacations, maintaining your landscape is the last thing on your to-do list. Here are four great landscaping maintenance tips to consider this summer!


Here are the important keys to proper tree/shrubs maintenance. First, just as you can get dehydrated, so can your soil’s moisture levels. It is important to monitor them, especially in the Summer. To solve this, supplement your watering that has lacked or increase your watering times throughout the day. Also, just as you monitor flowers for unwanted pest, do the same for your trees and shrubs. With the lack of moisture, your trees and shrubs become prone to insects. When August arrives, if you still notice a plant suffering from a drought, consider replanting them in a shaded area that can give them more moisture. Be sure not to do this during the Summer as it can be too hot.


Our first maintenance tip goes along with taking care of your trees/shrubs. As you are adding extra watering times to your Summer days, do the same for your lawn. You will notice the lack of moisture within your lawn. There is an exception. If you have bluegrass you may notice your lawn will turn brown. This is not because of lack of moisture, but because the grass has gone dormant. The color will return during the cooler months and frequent rainfall.

Our second maintenance consideration is a problem we know all too well. Be careful of weed infestation. They can arrive up during dormancy and need to be solved using weed-controlled products. Herbicides can also do the trick. Remember, organic is best for your lawn when buying these products.

Important Date/Weather Considerations

It is important to find out when the hottest and driest month of the year is for your city and state. This is very helpful for the maintenance of your landscape. With becoming aware of that timeframe, you become aware of potential problem timeframes with your soil. During that month, take the necessary steps of preservation by adding the number of waterings in a day or seeing when possible flooding or moisture-rising conditions could happen. Hail can also be damaging to your landscape, so seeing when your city is most likely to get hail can prepare you in advance.

Other Considerations

There are multiple other considerations to run down for landscaping maintenance. First, pull small weeds from your plant beds before they grow larger. It is much more difficult to pull them when they are larger with the warmth adding their growth. Next, there are bugs and birds you do want to surround your landscape. Bees do not hurt your plants but help them.

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