4 Important Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tasks

How are you taking care of your commercial property this winter?

How are you taking care of your commercial property this winter?

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean your commercial property has to suffer. As the temperature continues to drop, ensure that you’re taking the appropriate steps to keep your commercial property looking its best. Discover how you can maintain your property well into the new year with the following tips.

Plan for Snow and Ice

If you don’t yet have a snow and ice removal strategy for your commercial property, now is the time to plan. Removing snow and ice from your property is a legal obligation, and it ensures the safety of your employees and patrons. Furthermore, an experienced commercial snow removal service can ensure that your property isn’t scathed in the process.

Maintain Hardscapes

The harsh weather can wreak havoc on hardscapes. If your commercial property showcases retaining walls and stonework, now is the perfect time to maintain them. Ensure that every stone, paver, and brick is intact. If there are any problem areas, ensure that they are replaced or updated.

Preserve the Landscape

As the harsh weather persists, it’s important to walk around the property weekly to preserve the landscape. Remove any fallen limbs and debris that may pile up after a storm. Trim any woody plants so that sunlight may reach the grass and plants left during the winter. Carefully prune broken or rotting limbs, but make sure not to cut off living or thriving branches.

Think Warm Thoughts!

As you take care of your landscape this winter, think ahead towards spring and summer. What can you do now to ensure that your property looks fresh and healthy when the weather turns warmer? Consider checking the irrigation system throughout the winter months so that it runs perfectly come spring.


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