Do These 3 Important Tasks for a Vibrant Maryland Garden

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Get your garden ready for spring!

There is work to be done outside. Even if you prepared your garden for the winter chill, there’s much to be done in terms of clearing debris and maintaining perennials. If you’ve yet to prepare your spring cleanup checklist, here are four important tasks that you shouldn’t skip this year.

Spring Cleanup

If you had enough time to prepare your garden for winter, you may only have to clear debris and leaves from your outdoor area. However, if you were busy with other aspects of life, as one usually is, you may have left your garden vulnerable to the harsh temperatures of winter. Cleaning up your garden keeps it free of pathogens, mold, and rot that can harm plant life.

Maintain the Edges

“Edging” your garden means defining its border. It’s very important for most green thumbs because it separates the garden from the rest of the landscape. Use an edging tool to cut the grass edge each spring in order to keep the garden and lawn neatly in place. Decorate rocks, stones, and concrete can be used to border the garden as well.

Prune the Shrubs

Spring is the perfect time to prune certain types of shrubs. First, assess your garden for any damage that may have occurred during winter. All broken, bent, or twisted branching should be pruned now regardless of the plant type.

One example of vital pruning is rose pruning. Climbing roses, rambling roses, and shrub roses should be tended to if the threat of frost is over. Remove one-quarter to one-third of the plant and prune out any dead canes as well.


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